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Craig Maloney » Caption Contest – The Rise and Fall of the Captioned Empire

Previously, on Caption Contest – The Rise and Fall of the Captioned Empire:


The results are in, and have been tallied. After careful consideration using the finest humor-detecting genetic algorithms and neural networks available to us, the programhas provided us an answer.

The most humorous, and declared winner of this challenge is…



Wait, what?42? That’s not even the right answer!

Oh, wait… pushed the wrong button there.

OK. Here we go.

The winner of the Caption Contest is…


Alan, with his disturbing reference to Richard Gere.

Your prize will be forthcoming.

Congratulations to all of our entries. You’re a disturbing lot, and I love you all.

Caption Contest – The Rise and Fall of the Captioned Empire

hamstersLadies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all Ages, welcome once again to the venerable, the incredible, the incalculable caption contest! Returning again to clutter your RSS readers and spark your imaginations, the Caption Contest is your chance to put your mark upon this blog by submitting your caption for this picture. Enter as often as you like, cancel anytime.

The winner of this caption contest will be the funniest caption for the picture as determined by our handsome judge… me.

The prize is a book from my hallowed library sent directly to you at no charge. (within the continental US only, preferably within driving distance. :) )

Contest ends on Thursday at 8am, so enter early, and enter often!

The thrilling days of Caption Contest: The Thrilling Conclusion

Espresso The thrilling days of Caption Contest is now over. Each entry was counted (all eight of you) and the winner was chosen by our sophisticated computer algorithm which weighed all of the available factors, including humor, number of words, IP address, and the Mayan Calendar. Of the eight entries, a clear winner emerged:

craig@lister:~$ python
Python 2.5.1 (r251:54863, May  2 2007, 16:56:35)
[GCC 4.1.2 (Ubuntu 4.1.2-0ubuntu4)] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import random
>>> random.randint(1,8)

The clear winner was M, with her entry: “Starbucks the crack of the new generation.”

So, congratulations, M, your book is on the way!

The thrilling days of Caption Contest

EspressoIn honor of, well, really nothing, actually, we present to you another thrilling caption contest. Rules are that you need to post a caption in the comments section of this post. Enter as often as you like. One caption per post, please. On Wednesday night (9PM) a winner will be announced in a separate posting. Judging will be done by our lovely panel of judges (me) and the decision of the judges is completely arbitrary and final. The winner will receive a very nice book, which will be shipped to them at no charge in the continental US.

Let’s see some captions!

Caption Contest: Last Caption Standing

Caption Contest: Last Caption Standing

The Last Caption Standing caption contest is over, and the last comment in the thread was from sarah, with her caption:  “im actually right side up…freaky huh?”. Congratulations, Sarah! Your prize is on it’s way.

Congratulations to everyone to entered the caption contest. The next one will be in a few weeks.

Caption Contest: Last Caption Standing

Caption Contest: Last Caption StandingLike a bad habit you just can’t kick, here is the latest caption contest. The rules for this one are a little different, though. The winner will be the last caption posted as of Wednesday, October 10th at 8am. Be the last caption on this thread, and win untold prizes. (Well, likely a book or something else from the pile of goodies). Captions should follow the image. Please do not do anything to harm the site in the process, including (but not limited to) DDoS, or some other nonsense. Keep it civil people. The winner will be announced on Wednesday at 8am. In the case of a tie, the winner will be the person with the post timestamp closest to 8am without going over.

Good luck!

Caption Contest++ – Results

Puppy Basket Caption Contest++ has ended, and the winner is…

Drum roll please…


Steve, with his caption:

Who put paw prints on the camera lens? Not me!

I have to say, I was a bit surprised nobody went down the Paris Hilton / Dog routine from South Park, but the other entries were pretty good.

Steve, your book “Just Java”, fifth edition, is on it’s way.

More caption contests on the way… next one: Last Caption Standing… oh, suspense! Stay tuned!

Caption Contest++

Puppy BasketHey kids, guess what time it is again? No, it’s not “guess that smell”, it’s time once again for a caption contest! The rules are the same as before: Post a caption to the thread (as many as you like) and at the end of the contest (Friday Morning, to be precise) I’ll announce the winner. The winner will receive a book of my choosing (hint: frequent readers of this blog might be able to figure out what the subject matter is about). The winner will be posted in a separate thread. So, get those entries in, and remember: enter early, and enter often.

Boomerang Supernova Caption Contest – Results

Co Co LoveIts time to announce the winner of the Boomerang Supernova Caption Contest. And the winner is:


Girl: I’m not going to look!
Boy: I’m not going to look!

Play BLIND MISSLE COMMAND CHICKEN – the new must-have 2 player game!
Your prize will be arriving shortly.


Boomerang Supernova Caption Contest

Co Co Love

Like a boomerang thrown in the night in drunken fury, here’s the second Caption Contest, right upside your head. The rules are the same as the last contest (remember that? Ahh, fond memories. It was almost like it was last post ago when that finished). This one will run until Friday morning (8/17) so get your captions in early and often. The more you enter, the more you’ve entered. The prize this time around is again something from the goodie box, of my own choosing. One winner will be chosen from the available entries. The decision of the judges is final. Void where prohibited. Get those entries in!

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