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Finally got my pagoda

I’ve been wanting to get a pagoda for the fish tank for the longest time. Well, I finally picked one up. It’s rather big for the tank, but I think the fish like it. It’s a whole scene, and very tranquil. Plus it looks like less places for food and other nasties to take hold. We’ll see, though. :)

, 2005/09/06. Category: Fish.

Fish updates

Well, we said goodbye to Plucky today, but fortunately not because he was fins up. Today we took him to The Fish Doctors because he was just getting too damn big for my itty-bitty 5 gallon tank. So, today I had the pleasure of getting an 8 inch fish into a baggie (check that, a very uncooperative, pissed-off fish). Needless to say, Plucky was not having this at all, and after about 7 minutes he finally was in a position to get into the bag. Then it was “run run run” to the fish store, where he was introduced into his new home. Later, JoDee and I went to Meijer, and I showed her about how big Plucky was when we got him. The fish in the tanks there were about one inch long from snout to tail. JoDee couldn’t believe he got so big so soon. I’m sure Plucky will be happier in his new home. The tanks were much much larger, and a fish his size will be happier where he can stretch his fins and not have to worry about running into the sides of the tank. I have some store credit, so once I have the tank somewhat stabilized (Plucky was also a very messy little fish), I’ll see about getting some bottom-feeders that aren’t going to grow so big.

, 2005/09/02. Category: Fish.

Fish naming convention

For those who are wondering, the naming convention on the glowlight tetras is based off of the four ghosts from Pac Man (Inky, Blnky, Pinky, and Clyde). I can’t tell them apart, so I’ve adopted a stack-based algorithm for naming them. That is, the name is pretty much determined when the fish leaves the tank. So, the first fish to leave was named Clyde, and the latest fish to leave was named Pinky. We still have Inky and Blinky in there, but I’m fearing that Blinky will be christened soon, as he/she seems to be turning pale and bloaty. Either the fish is pregnant (doubtful), or I have yet another case of dropsy in the tank (highly likely). So, now you know.

, 2005/08/29. Category: Fish.

Clyde departs the tank

From our collective of glowlight tetras (Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde) it appears that Clyde has passed on. (Actually, the collective was named Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde… not sure which was which, so Clyde is the first name retired. I’m such a bad fish-parent). For a while I thought that Clyde was possibly a female with eggs, but it appears it was just dropsy, which affected Marty (our betta) as well. I think I need to change the water more frequently in the tank as dropsy can be triggered by poor water quality, and I’ve had some pretty poor water quality in that tank. I’ll spare you all the ‘circle of life’ details that our plecostamous (Plucky) did, but suffice to say I hope he doesn’t start having issues.

, 2005/01/27. Category: Fish.

New fish

JoDee and I spent an interminable amount of time at Meijer trying to flag someone down in the pet department (which is cleverly located in Grocery, which means it’s next to impossible to find someone. Never mind that two people were there just seconds before I located the tank with the fish I wanted.) If anyone wants to hear the full story, I’ll gladly tell it, but suffice to say we finally got out of there and brought home four adorable Medium Glowlite Tetras. While walking though the parking lot, I had a flash of inspiration on what to name them. I didn’t say anything, but JoDee also had a flash of inspiration on what to name them as well. I kid you not, we both got exactly the same idea. It’s almost scary, and I’m filling out the application for the James Randi prize. (OK, not really). The names? Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. This also fits, because one of the names for the Black Tetra in our tank is “Paku Paku” (aka Pac Man). All of the fish seem happy, albeit a bit shy. I’ll try to get some photos online.

, 2004/09/07. Category: Fish.

RIP Marty

Rest in peace, Marty. You were the sturdiest fish I’ve ever had. You were there with me as I learned more about fish and fish disease. He was always the first to greet me, with his hungry dance that never seemed to be quenched. Bright red was his spirit and his color. Goodbye, Marty. You will be missed.

, 2004/07/23. Category: Fish.

Betta talk

It loks like Marty (our betta) is not doing so well. He’s bloated out a bit, although he’s not pineconing. I’m hoping it’s not the first stages of a serious disease like dropsy (second link) or some other problem. I’ve been a bad fish father.

In sadder betta news, Ruth’s betta, Ralphie, passed away. He will be missed, especially the way he reacted to the bouncing cow screensaver I had on my computer. Quite a violent reaction to our bouncing bovine friends.

, 2004/07/21. Category: Fish.

Continuing saga of fish

Looks like Marty’s eye is finally subsiding, and returning to it’s normal size. I’m letting the Maracyn Two work it’s course through the tank, and then after this weekend I’ll do a water change again. Good lord, I wonder how I’ll be if we have kids. :) (NEWS FLASH: Little Bernouli now has continued nasal drippage. I’m thinking it might be a cold, but we’re not sure. I’m medicating with a children’s cold medicine, and will advise on the results. Wish me luck!)

, 2004/05/14. Category: Fish.

Anyone have experience with bettas

Marty, our betta, is now sporting something of a fish pot belly nowadays. I’m not sure if it’s the sign of something like dropsy (which I don’t think so, because his scales are still flat against his body) or if it’s because I’m overfeeding the little pig (twice a day, sometimes more when he’s dancing against the glass). Is it normal for bettas to get a little poonchy around the midsection? Let me know.

, 2004/03/17. Category: Fish.

New fish

I went out today and picked up a new fish for our tank. He is a plecostomus, and his name is Plucky. He’s been doing a number on the algae problem I’ve been having lately in the tank. He brings the number of fish in my tank to 3.

, 2004/01/17. Category: Fish.
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