1. Linux administrators should be aware of Y2K7, which is the DST change-over as blessed by the morons in our government who thought it was a really good idea to screw with DST with a year buffer, because nobody in the computer sector ever procrastinates. Here’s a site with information on Verifying TimeZone Settings In Linux and make sure your machine is ready for March 11th.
  2. Spork? Spork! SPORK!
  3. What’s with podcasts having iTunes-only feeds? I stumbled on Distorted Circuitry, which has no RSS feed to speak of (information on how to subscribe is in iTunes. How convenient), and now Merlin Mann (who is practically my productivity “guardo camino”) has put up a teaser for his new show “The Merlin Show” which is also iTunes-only. Please, for the love of God, make some RSS feeds for the rest of us poor schlubs who aren’t blessed to have an iTunes client.
  4. Watching the Brits slag on American Television is much more fun than watching it. (Thank JoDee for this clip).
  5. Judge Judy lays into an eBay Scammer. Hilarity ensues.


  1. Bryn says:

    Will work for us people who don’t use iTunes. To get this link I had to:
    1. Subscribe in iTunes.
    2. Drag the subscription out of iTunes, which creates a .pcast file.
    3. Use the .pcast file to get the RSS feed.
    I really wish people would put an RSS feed link to their podcast on their site.

  2. Steve says:

    Actually, the URL for Merlin’s RSS feed is in the meta tags on the landing page. If you were using Firefox, you’d see the little feed icon in the address bar.

  3. craig says:

    I ended up subscribing by making a live bookmark in Firefox and copything the link to peapod, but my original point was that it’s not advertised that there’s an RSS feed. Not everyone has / runs iTunes for their podcatcher.

  4. Chris Hesse says:

    Razorgrrl, at least, does have a not iTunes-only podcast at http://razorgrrl.com/itunes_podcast/dc.xml

  5. craig says:

    Thanks, Chris; that was exactly the feed I was looking for. :)