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  1. Formative Bands and Artists

    Here's a not-terribly-organized and somewhat incomplete list of bands and artists that were formative in my life and which points at which they entered my life.

    Early years:

    • Beethoven (blame Charles Schultz and my mom for this one)
    • Taco - Puttin' on the Ritz (First time I really understood what a …
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  2. We'll call it a plan (until it isn't)

    Today I met with Dr. Quinn to talk about the upcoming radiation treatments for my rectal cancer. We also got a clearer understanding of what's happening. The chemo treatments have stopped including Avastin as part of the treatment because liver surgery requires the Avastin to be out of my system …

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  3. Wiped

    I did my second round of chemo this past week. I'm also still coming down from COVID (though my symptoms have been pretty mild compared with most). The combination of the two have really knocked me on my ass. I've spent the last few days sleeping more than our cat …

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