Checking In: 2024-03-25

Checking in for 2024-03-25:

Buckle up. This is a big update.

  • Yesterday I felt like I was going to explode. I compared it to the video game "Dig Dug", which has been an interesting litmus test for how old my doctors / nurses are. I'm not going to sit here chastising folks for not having the same childhood that I did (I find the whole "do these kids know how to use a rotary phone" thing incredibly reductive) but it's been enlightening.
  • I managed to have a Urinary Tract Infection with a bacteria that normally doesn't show up in the urinary tract. I'm hoping that the cultures come back clear and that they can get things under control because otherwise it can mean the removal of the Smart Port that I have and (curiously enough) I've grown fond of the little bugger. We're awaiting test results for a limited ultrasound echo cardiogram.
  • I've been having some intense reactions to food as of late. I think that's in-part because of the antibiotics and part because I've exhausted the possibilities for the food here. JoDee had to order the food for my next few meals because it was making me nauseous thinking about it.
  • The bilirubin count continues to remain high, and the Creatinine is slowly coming down. They're exploring options on how to remove the fluid and get things flowing again, along with trying to figure out why the bilirubin hasn't come down. They're going to do a Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography to figure out what's going on down there.
  • I continue to work with the overwhelm of the situation. Some moments I feel calm and relaxed and other moments where I feel like I'm overwhelmed. Definitely doing more meditation and allowing myself more moments of calm to investigate my thoughts.

More as I know it.