Rush: 2112

A long while back the album 2112 was selected as the Rush album of the week. I listened to this album and had one of those moments of reacquainting that I hadn't had with most of the Rush albums. I legit forgot the track order of this album. That's not to say 2112 is a bad album or even a forgettable album. If anything 2112 is one of the band's most important albums; serving one last taste oft this band if it wasn't commercially successful This was the band saying, plainly, "this is who we are. Now it's your move." When viewed as a document of the band at the time it serves this purpose well. But when it comes to being an album there are some rather weak tracks holding things together.

"2112" is the band's side-long opener and is essential listening. "A Passage to Bangkok" starts off side two, as does "The Twilight Zone". Apparently "The Twilight Zone" was written and recorded in one day to fill out the album and it shows. What was interesting for me was how much I hadn't remembered the side two closing tracks "Lessons", "Tears", and "Something for Nothing". These tracks are actually really strong tracks but the goofiness make it harder for me to remember they're on this album. This is definitely a "me" failing, though.

Hoping to get this feature back into circulation. Stay tuned.