Checking In: 2024-03-24

Checking in for 2024-03-24:

I've spent the last two hours in a lot of pain, so this will be brief:

  • We're waiting on numbers to go where they need to go for the bilirubin and creatinin. This morning the creatinin was in a decent direction while the bilirubin was a bit higher than before.
  • There is some bacteria in my blood stream that shouldn't be there. They're running antibiotics through my system but the main concern is that the smart port is somehow compromised. I really hope not because I love that little port. Having it be there has made a lot of procedures better. We'll see how this goes.
  • I feel like I am bloated from the fluid that has been coming into me. They have me on Oxycodone (nee: Roxicodone, OxyContin) so that has been working its magic, along with some other medication for bloating. The pain level was extreme for me. I tried being present with it but it was overwhelming in the extreme. Thankfully the Oxycodone has been working its magic and taking care of the discomfort.
  • I'm going to be here for a bit longer while things get sorted out. My parents came to visit today so that was nice. I'm still feeling upbeat and positive but it's definitely been testing me.
  • Really feeling behind with things. If you're waiting on something from me it's going to take me a bit longer.

More as I know it.