1. Checking In: 2024-03-19

    Checking in for 2024-03-19:

    This isn't a full-checkin because there are still so many things up in the air, but I just need o do a quick touch-base. More on each of these as I get some time.

    • I am on round two f having my liver irradiated. That part …
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  2. Checking In: 2024-03-07

    Checking in for 2024-03-07:

    I've been trying like hell to fight this but I think I need to realize that for right now I am very, very sick. My blood work is telling me that my liver is intensely unhappy with the current situation and I need some intervention sooner …

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  3. Checking In: 2024-03-05

    Checking in for 2024-03-05:

    Today's theme is "I am exhausted". There seems to be another underlying theme that I won't share but you can probably guess by the number of times I've been to the bathroom.

    This morning I woke up and got a bowl of cereal. I then promptly …

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  4. Checking In: 2024-03-04

    Checking in for 2024-03-04:

    Still trying to find my energy. I'm getting better about rebuilding my routines but it's difficult for me to get into the swing of looking at my lists and tackling the things that are on there. It's a bit frustrating to see things up there that …

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