Checking In: 2024-03-12

Checking in for 2024-03-12:

Content warning: fatigue, bodily fluids, plumbing issues,

Ever since I left the hospital on 2024-02-24 I've had a hell of a time find a routine again. The more I learn about bilirubin build-up the more I'm understanding why. Too much bilirubin in your body can not only interrupt system like digestion and sleep, but can also cause your red blood cells to break down prematurely. Now, where did I experience this before. Oh yes, it was when I had to have several transfusions to get the ol' Red Blood Cell Count up to snuff.

Add to this the position of the stent and the reason for the stent (big tumor blocking the bile duct) and it makes wanting to eat a real chore.

Which brings problem the second: digestion. Because my body is busily figuring out other things to eat that makes it incredibly frustrating to determine what is going to play nicely with others and what is going to cause problems. This lead to two instances where I couldn't make it to the bathroom in time before stuff started to happen. That's most frustrating of all. Figuring out in real-time whether you have enough time to make thing happen or don't have enough time to waddle to where you need to go before it's damage control. And more than once it was damage control, especially yesterday where I had two instances of this like perfect bookends to a comedy of errors.

Today of course has our main bathroom out of commission, so we are waiting on someone to come give us more bathroom choices.

And underlying all of this is the tiredness. I get winded easily when I do something simple like "race to the bathroom" or "get cleaned up". More than once my day has started with the best of intentions to have some form of productive day, only to watch it fizzle in naps.

I hope the radiation knocks this out. I'm tired of being unable to even consider doing simple things like blogging with feeling like I need a nap afterward.

If you're waiting on something from me know that I am also waiting on that same thing from me. My capacity is limited, my email in need of triage, and my brain desiring rest.

More as I know it.