On the muscle, and rambling

I’m feeling quite on the muscle lately (cranky and ready to tear someone’s head off, for those who aren’t familiar with the term). I’m not sure if it’s because I feel behind from being sick all last weekend (which I finally seem to have shaken), or if there’s something else that’s bothering me at the moment. I really don’t have many complaints at the moment. I got the shirt from Lugradio,  and I must say it’s quite cool. Plus it’s one of two in the USA at the moment. :) I’m thinking it’s because I feel like I haven’t had any quality time to do any coding, although when I get the time I don’t ever feel inspired to take the time to code anymore. Maybe it’s a combination of things like mild depression for things that I can’t control (work) and things that I’d like to see in a better state that aren’t quite there yet.

Maybe I just need a one-on-one cagematch with Dr. Laura so I can smack that smug pop-psychologist crap out of her bloodstained mouth.

Or maybe I just needed to blog a bit.


  1. Alan says:

    Maybe you need to get in your car, drive over to the wacko-side of the state and have a black n tan with your old buddy Alan? Or a nice hard cider from the New Holland Brewery?

    And while you’re here maybe you could… I dunno…

    babysit for a week or so while I get some sleep? :-)

  2. craig says:

    Maybe Kayleigh could take on Dr. Laura in that cage match while we go get some Black and Tans.

  3. Stephen says:

    You could get a gun and shoot some karaoke singers…

    Oh, that’s been done.

    You could retire to Wako, TX, where mayor Virginia DuPuy pushed legislation to set up a retirement community for postal workers…

    At least it’s warm there.