For Jorge...

23:51 < snap-l> In the beginning, there were files. And they were text files.
And it was good.
23:52 < snap-l> And lo, the children of the machine made a great infrastructure
around those text files.
23:52 < snap-l> and the admins smiled
23:52 < snap-l> But lo, the serpent looked on the text files, and conceived a
plan with which to enslave the children of the machine
23:53 < jcastro> I am not a fan of the way tomboy stores notes whatsoever
23:53 < snap-l> he spoke of binary databases, and XML, and other abominations
to the machine
23:53 < snap-l> and the children of the machine embraced these formats
23:53 < snap-l> but the serpent did not tell them the full story.
23:53 < jcastro> greg-g: nice, now you got him started
23:54 < snap-l> and when the children of the machine awoke from their sinful
ways, they realized they had a disk full of shit that even the
admins couldn't parse.
23:54 < snap-l> and the children of the machine repented, and threw off these
ugly formats and returned to the texts of yore.
23:55 < snap-l> and the machine was content.
23:55 < snap-l> the end

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