Ubuntu Global Jam: We came, we saw, we jammed.

This past Saturday, the Ubuntu Michigan Loco gathered at JoDee’s and my house to participate in the Ubuntu Global Jam. we decided to try installing Precise Pangolin on as many machines as we could. I noticed a few bugs on some of the NVidia hardware that I had laying about, but overall the experience was pretty positive. I think Precise Pangolin will be one of the stronger Ubuntu Releases, and I look forward to the release party (which is coming up at the end of April. More details forthicoming).

Thanks to Gib and Ben for making the trek out to come jam, and thanks to the Maloney party-rental service for the last-minute seating and table arrangements. Also a big thank you to JoDee for suggesting that we host the jam. It really helped bring things together at the last minute.

Here are some photos of the event.


  1. suitti says:

    I’m running 9.04 still. In 9.04, there’s a ton of eye candy, but you can get to a command line fairly quickly. You can also configure the menus to add what you want. I tried 10.something, and it was awful. I tried 11.something, and it was unusable. It should not take ten mouse clicks to get a fricking xterm up. I tried installing 9.04 on a new box, but the repositories are gone. You can cut yourself a CD, but then what? You can’t even get the nVidia drivers. Useless. But i have two 64 bit boxen with nVidia screens. So i cloned the existing 9.04 with dd to the other box. It’s an interim measure until i find a distribution that keeps support longer than a couple years. It takes nearly that long to get everything i want on a box. Ubuntu is dead. It didn’t need competition to kill it. It did it all by itself.

    • craig says:

      Actually, the LTS (10.04) is supported for 3 years. 9.04 is unfortunately considered a development release, which gets 18 months of support.

      If you’re willing to make the move to 10.04, you’ll still be Ubuntu support for another year before you have to make the switch to a more recent LTS (Which is coming out in April).

      Here’s the wiki with the support diagram for each release: