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    Well, it's Day 4 of me being without a job to go to. Honestly, I'm using it as a vacation to clear my head of corporate life for a while. I'm also using it to regroup and get some of these projects in my mind out into more corporeal versions …

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    Friday was my last day at work. Kind of bittersweet, actually. Bitter, because I'll miss the people I work with. Sweet, because maybe this'll give me an opportunity to get into more development (the position I was in, while it had development, it could have used more. I want to …

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    Another fun part of working in the automotive industry is when the economy takes a dive (as every economist has predicted), so does the spending for help. Since I'm contracted to an automotive firm, I'm now part of those cost-cutting procedures. Ah well... It's for the best, honestly.

    Anybody need …

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