1. Marty's pop-eye

    Marty's pop-eye has spread from one eye to the other eye. Now his eye is completely distended, and I fear that one wrong move and he'll lose it. I've been medicating the tank and have finally gotten the nitrate level down to an almost acceptable level. Hopefully all will go …

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  2. Pop-eye Marty

    Poor Marty (our betta) has contracted a case of pop-eye lately. (Scroll down the page to find the entry). I'm currently medicating the tank using Maracyn Two (an anti-biotic), so hopefully it'll clear up. FOrtunately it's only in the one eye, so with luck he'll return to normal soon. The …

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  3. Birthdays and other fine things

    JoDee and I went to her father's place to celebrate his birthday. In tow, we brought his birthday gift: A HP 7760 printer. JoDee had tasked me with finding a printer that could pretty much just print the damn pictures, and this printer takes that concept to the next level …

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