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WordSearch is a Perl script that generates word search puzzles. It will generate random word search puzzles, or you can give it a list which will allow it to generate your own puzzles.

WordSearch Testimonials

The Word search Perl script really saved the day for me. I've been trying to find a way to make word searches to punish my sign language students with. ;-)

I use a sign language font that has hands doing the different signs for the letters of the alphabet, and I add a little key at the bottom in a normal font. I was trying to make something like the attached (I didn't make that one), but the only stuff I could find was either commercial and too restricted to meet my needs, or just plain not flexible enough for me.

So after fooling around a while here's what I whipped up.

Stick the words I want in a file, run em through word search, copy and paste it to a CSV file. Import that into an OpenOffice Calc document using space as a delimiter, set the font to the sign language one I want, fix the cell spacing, copy and paste word list to the bottom of the document and I'm done! :-) Woot!

First time is the hard one, I'll whip up a template or something and it just gets easier each time. I'll have a few made out before class and anyone who speaks gets a word search for homework. Muahahaaah!!!

Thanks for the software. :-)
-Donald Campbell

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