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    It seems that Fuji TV doesn't quite understand the importance of "fan sites" as they've sent cease and desist letters to all of them (such as my favorite, IronChef.com). I'm certain that the intentions of FujiTV were to protect their intellectual property, but I'm also certain there are better …

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    Expect some changes on these pages shortly. (Remember, shortly is a span of time between two minutes and an epoch).

    JoDee got an espresso machine this past weekend. Had some fun being the guinea pig. Mmmm... espresso!

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    As you have probably heard, Metallica is threatening over 300,000 people who have downloaded their "art" through Napster. Frankly, I'm beginning to wonder what the hell happened to the Metallica I used to know. So, I'm looking for a way to destroy the album that signaled their demise for …

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    JoDee and I went to Frankenmuth this past weekend. We had a lot of fun there. The pictures should be forthcoming from the trip (hopefully they won't take as long as my July Vegas pictures took. Damn, I can't shoot a roll of film up to save my life. :)) In …

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