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    Just a quick note to mention that not much is going on here. Busy at work trying to rewrite a Java program in Perl. Other than that, everything is quiet here.

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    Sucks to be in Michigan... The Leonid Meteor shower wasn't visible at all since we had a great deal of fog out there. I looked out at 2am, and there was nothing but grey out there. Truly disappointing. I was hoping it might be clear out so we could see …

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    Had the day off work today, so I spent it all with JoDee. (Can't think of a better way to spend a day off. :) ) We went out to Belleville to see Ruth. Had a lot of fun out there (JoDee and Ruth got some chocolate, so they were hyper as …

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    Back from CinciClassic. I got the photos that I took of the event online, and I'll be putting up a report of the event up later on tonight (assuming I can get around to it). It's funny how disoriented you can get from a small weekend trip. Time is moving …

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    Heading out in a few short minutes to drive with Dan down to CinciClassic. I'm pretty excited about it. Should be a lot of fun, and I get to say hi to some people I haven't seen in years. Of course I'm going to miss JoDee very much while I'm …

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