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    JoDee and I saw "Legend of Drunken Master" tonight. That was VERY worth it. I've never laughed so hard during a movie fight scene in my life. I love Jackie Chan movies!

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    OK, Can anybody believe it's October already? Sheesh, this year has flown by quite quickly.

    The site continues to get updated scripts. I just made one for entering CDs and reviews at the same time. I'm learning more and more about how to model this data... Someday I might actually …

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    Hello again! Yes, I know it's been a month since my last update. Yes, I know that I updated my news system so it'd be a bit better, but as the man says, "the best laid plans..." Regardless, here's another personal update.

    A lot has happened this past month. I …

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    Planning a full reload of my machine tonight, so I might be a bit quiet the next few days. (Of course, if you talk to JoDee, I'm anything BUT quiet when I reload a machine. Hopefully everything will go well this time so I'm not swearing like a sailor.)

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