1. Why is Java Statically Typed?

    A thought occurred to me a while ago, and since the initial thought, I haven't been able to shake it. Ergo, you, dear readers, can be my catharsis for helping me to rid myself of this thought once and for all.

    I've not been able to figure out why Java …

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  2. Upgraded to Gutsy Gibbon last night

    I upgraded Lister to Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon last night (7.10). There's a couple of nice things to this release, and a few irritations (par usual). At least this appears to be the smoothest upgrade I've ever had with an operating system. I'm amazed at how many things are "just …

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  3. Call me Ubuntero

    I finally registered my encryption keys and sent in my signed copy of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. That means I'm now officially an Ubuntero. What that means is... er... now I can say I'm an Ubuntero. :)

    Actually, what it means is I can do things like repackage software, submit …

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