1. Note to self

    A quick note to self: when editing a long post in my personal Wiki, and closing down the browser to install a spell-check extension, it is always a good idea not to get the functions of the preview and submit buttons confused.

    Thank you.

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  2. PHP and the cracker factor

    What is it about PHP that drives cracker assholes to these sites? I currently run two PHP driven scripts (phpBB for the forums here and e107 for CinciClassic, and have had several script kiddie crackers attempt to sobvert the boards via file attachment hacks. What is your problem, kids? Can't …

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  3. Slacking...

    Hmmm... It appears I've been slacking on these pages lately. I know I'm not going to be able to catch up on getting everyone caught up on my life (not that anyone would really concern themselves with such details), but I will mention a few things:

    • JoDee and I have …
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  4. Ximian Desktop 2

    Well, I recently took the plunge on my RedHat system and installed Ximian's Xwhich is their Gnome 2.2 desktop system. Overall, it's a very well put together system, which is what you'd expect from Ximian. My main complaint with it, though, is Gnome's choice of Metacity. Metacity, for those …

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