1. The Pope resigns, and you can too

    Today Pope Benedict XVI said he's resigning.

    A life-long appointment as the leader of the Catholic church just gave his notice that he's no longer willing or able to continue full-speed ahead on the current course.

    Good for him.

    Whatever reasons he has personally, he knew he wasn't going to …

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  2. Dead Letter Contexts

    In working through my GTD processes I've noticed something that I've known in my subconscious for quite some time but haven't really articulated until a few weeks ago; namely I have dead letter contexts.

    The dead letter office (now known as mail recovery centers. How politically correct.) is the place …

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  3. Even Bach Played Scales

    Even Bach Played Scales.

    I don't have any proof of this. Typing "Bach Playing Scales" gives you some discussion about how Bach's tuning isn't the same as our modern piano, along with some discussions about Bach's Inventions (practice pieces he devised) using scales. But there's little record of Bach actually …

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