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  1. Spooky fish vs. the thermometer

    Thu 24 January 2008 | tags: Fish

    I recently bought a new thermometer for my aquarium. The Chinese Algae Eater (aka Spooky Fish) has been having a field day moving it from one side of the aquarium to the other. It's almost like the fish is sparring with the thermometer. Any ideas on why it's doing this …

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  2. RIP Big Oaf

    Tue 11 December 2007 | tags: Fish

    This morning I found our dear fish, whom we called "Big Oaf" floating underneath the filter assembly of the tank. Big Oaf was a hardy fish, having been the only member to survive the initial bout of ich, as well as just about every other fish I've put in this …

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  3. Spooky fish

    Wed 28 June 2006 | tags: Fish

    The tank has been incredibly cloudy lately, so it's pretty difficult to see in it. I've been doing pretty frequent water changes, but haven't managed to control it as well as I would have liked. Also, spooky fish (the chinese algae eater) has been really busy in the gravel lately …

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