1. Learning Challenge: Addendum

    Last night I was looking for some details on Z80 assembly and I decided to look at my blog. (Surely there was somewhere that I had a screenshot of a safe memory location for ORG). As I wandered through my previous learning challenges I noticed a pattern:

    • I had a …
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  2. Unprocrastination challenge: Check-in #2

    Even though I'm laid off I'm still trying to work on The Unprocrastination Challenge. I'm trying to keep myself on as many routines as I can even though my tasks aren't accountable to anyone but myself. If I don't hold myself accountable then I'll be drifting along, and that's not …

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  3. Unprocrastination challenge: Check-in #1

    So the "unprocrastination challenge" is in full swing. Here's what I've learned so far:

    • The Block Focus extension is quite good at keeping me from dallying on social media. It's a good reminder to put my focus back to what it is that I am doing.

    • I've been using the …

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