1. Research, Part II

    Simply making statements like "I feel groggy in the morning after I wake up" won't stand in the world of science. No siree, in order to make these statements in the land of science, you need research (and a NSA grant wouldn't hurt).

    I know this will only fuel my …

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  2. Can your office suite do this?

    Sure, Microsoft Office is pretty ubiquitous on a lot of machines, but can you seriously call it portable? Portable OpenOffice is "the complete office suite you can run from a USB drive for complete access to both your files and your office apps -- anywhere you go." Quite cool!

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  3. Why geeks love The Matrix

    I think I've figured out why geeks love The Matrix so much. Sure, it has lots of cool special effects, and sure, it takes place in a computer (ala Tron) but I think there's a little more to the geek love that this movie garnered. I think a lot of …

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