1. Inertia

    While washing dishes this evening I started thinking again about the Ubuntu Community (don't ask why; the mind tends to wander amid the soap and water). I was thinking about my role as contact for the Ubuntu Michigan Loco, and our previous few events. Our previous release parties have been …

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  2. Releasing the magic smoke

    I've figured out about how much it costs me to be lazy. It's approximately $100 per minute. That's how much it cost me for 6 minutes of unabashed laziness when it came to my computer over Memorial Day weekend. It's a lesson that's hard-won, and I'd like to share it …

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  3. The Ubuntu Community: Collaborator or Contributor

    There's been a lot of discussion about the role of the Ubuntu Community in the past few hours. Lots of upset feelings bubbling around. I know my previous post came out of venting some of my frustrations.

    I think the biggest problem we have in the Ubuntu Community is the …

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