It's a wonder Microsoft even sold Windows/386 after this tape

Windows 386 Promo Video (last half)

(Or why Microsoft will always play second fiddle to Apple in the “cool” department, explained in 6:41).

(Curse you Bitsmack for playing this on your podcast, and for getting me to think about it again even after I swore never to think about it again).


  1. Marcel Gagne says:

    Oh, the pain . . . the pain.

    You know that bizarre feeling of embarassment you have when you watch another person making a fool of themselves? Even a person you don’t like? You have to really go quite some distance out on the old bizarro limb to generate that kind of response, but this video did it. I kept pausing it, turning away, then, like a rubbernecker at a multi-vehicle pile-up, I would let it resume. Eventually, I watched the whole thing.

    Now I feel dirty. Sullied, even.


  2. craig says:

    Very true indeed. I heard it originally on the Bitsmack podcast, and even threatened great bodily harm if I ever heard it again. Then I found the link, and watched it again. JoDee read my blog and she watched it which prompted me to watch it again.

    It’s terrible, yet I cannot look away.