The Mighty Spork

The KFC by our house had "Home of Famous Bowls" (or something similar) on their sign. I quipped to JoDee "Bowls? I think they're more famous for their sporks!" That got us thinking about the lowly spork, the most misunderstood bit of cutlery around. After all, when was the last time you've seen a spork? Why haven't we added the spork to the modern place setting? Restaurants that serve plastic cutlery could eliminate the redundant spoon and fork and replace them with the mighty spork instead. And what about thick stews where one wonders if it should be eaten with a spoon or fork? We could put the debate to rest with the mighty spork.

Has anyone out there even seen a metal spork?

These are great mysteries which must be answered. The time has come for the spork to spring forth from it's novelty role and sit at it's rightful place next to fork and spoon. No more shall the spork be relegated to the prison system (where it's pretty difficult to turn a spork into a weapon. Go figure). Now is the time for the spork to rise again!

Viva la Spork!