Harry Potter and the Cluster-Bleep of Fandom

You might have missed this, but the final book in the Harry Potter Saga has been released upon the masses. JoDee, Sarah, and I took a trek out to the Barnes and Noble to gaze upon the festivities. For not having any corporate support to speak of (according to JoDee, the Borders was REALLY well decorated), they organized pretty well. The little rug-rats running around in their little Hogwarts uniforms were really cute, but there were a few disturbing people there that made me feel positively normal while reading my Linux magazines. Of note:

  1. The little kid who had a fade of a lightning bolt shaved into the back of his head.
  2. The girl who apparently thought The Matrix was part of the Harry Potter series, by wearing some ridiculous PVC getup. (Harry Potter is NEO!)
  3. The person with the bandanna under his witch’s hat. Yo! Slytheryn in da HOUSE! Respect!
  4. The lady who invaded our space to blather something incomprehensible to my muggle ears, and then expected some form of kindred spirit bond or some other such nonsense. Sorry, lady, I only saw the movies.
  5. The Harry Potter Hoes. Seriously.
  6. The girls who wondered why there were all of these Canadians in the bookstore. (A personal favorite).

That said, people were really excited about the book, and it was pretty wild to see so many people there waiting for the stroke of midnight so the book could be officially unveiled. From what I understand, the wait was well worth it.

But then again, I’ve only seen the movies.


  1. are you shitting me? only the motherfucking movies? i don’t know if we can be friends…

  2. craig says:

    Well, I was waiting for the books to end. Apparently they did that this weekend.

  3. Non-spoiler: half way through the book. I like it so far.
    Not much more to say without giving something away.

    Please don’t flip to the end and tell me what the last word is,
    even if it’s “the” (it probably isn’t, for what should be obvious
    reasons – just like the last letter of the last word probably
    isn’t ‘q’).

    Before seeing any of the movies, i read the books.
    The movie/book comparison so far.
    Movie 1: only one significant scene was omitted from the book.
    Movie 2: only a few scenes removed
    Movie 3: The first half of the year was glossed over in the movie
    Movie 4: more than 20 major characters and most subplots are gone.
    Movie 5: an amazing amount of the book is preserved, given the book’s
    size. However, many subplots have brief references that will make much
    more sense when you read the book.
    Movie 6: unreleased
    Movie 7: unreleased
    Movie 8: JKR says there won’t be a book 8, unless it’s an HP reference.
    As far as i know, the best selling Webster’s Dictionary has not been made
    into a movie. Would you see it if it were released? I might.

  4. Alan says:

    I enjoy the movies as far as they’re pretty mindless, but I just haven’t been able to get into the books so far. I may attempt to start them again, but no promises.

    I just hope to god that 20 years from now we won’t be dealing with Potterism as the latest new-age religion competing fiercely with the Jedi religion over young minds.

    /George Lucas ruined my childhood. Midichlorians my ass.

  5. My favorite “spoiler”: Harry is Vader’s son…

    As to not reading HP, a direct quote, uhm, possibly from all seven books.

    Hermione: “Honestly, don’t you read?”

    I hope i haven’t ruined it for you.