A review of the upgrade from Vista to Windows XP

Review: Windows XP – Coding Sanity

It’s really refreshing to see Microsoft making a clear upgrade path from Vista to Windows XP.


  1. mom says:

    windowsxp mucher gooder than Vesta ya. even gooder than youbumtoo sleezy snake ya sure you betcha.

    The old guy

    Computers need vacuum tubes

  2. Jeff says:

    Vista – just when you thought MS could never again make as big a blunder as they did with Win Me. Simply amazing – the most skippable version of Windows ever. Wait until Q3 of 2009 for Windows 7. I can’t see why anyone would think what amounts to an incremental update of Windows is worth paying anything for much less inflated prices.

    Google “Windows 7″ to see what’s ahead.

    If by some chance it sucks half as much as Vista, its severely reduced feature set, its deeply imbedded DRM garbage, and its overall yawn factor then it may be time to go Apple or Linux as MS finally sinks below the surface.

    The world has had enough sub-standard overly touted software, we need a few decades without it.