Deminsky and Doyle: We'll miss you, guys!

D & D are finished: Detroit Media Insider

Well, it looks like Deminski and Doyle are through with WKRK (now WXYT-FM: "The Ticket"). It's sad to see this dynamic duo, who practically kept WKRK from changing formats sooner (from talk radio to God-knows -what-else) get sent out in disgrace as morning-show hosts (which their show was never formulated to handle). Yes, it was a call-in show, but they kept people calling, and had quite a loyal following for the afternoon-drive slot. Unfortunately the Chucklehead-Bastard-Stooges (CBS) couldn't come to an agreement to try the duo out for a year and see what happens (which is longer than I give this new sports format before it changes to something even more stupid than all-sports-FM).

Fare thee well, D&D! You'll be missed!