La Shish chain shuts down for good

La Shish chain shuts down for good

It’s a shame the people who ran the joint were run out of the country for tax evasion and fraud, because they had some of the finest Middle-Eastern cuisine in the area. Think of what Chi Chi’s did for Mexican food in the early ’90s before they went completely off-the-charts-awful and you have a pretty good approximation of what La Shish was for Lebanese food. Very consistent, very good, and a complete treat. JoDee and I used to love going to La Shish, and it was a regular haunt when I worked in Dearborn. After the news of the owners skipping out to Lebanon to avoid tax-evasion charges, allegations of funneling money to suspected terrorist groups, and improper immigration practices, JoDee and I stopped going there. Nobody in the area would be caught there. I drove home by one, and wished circumstances would have been different so I could pop in for some tabbouleh or hummus. At least there’s some closure in the saga, but the culinary landscape of the Detroit area will be missing another fine restaurant.


  1. craig says:

    A bit of a time-line can be found here:

    And the restaurant’s web-site is still here: View and drool.

  2. Alan says:

    Do you still have Falafel Hut? :-)

    Sadly we have no such food in Dutchelvania. We do, however, have a fairly decent Indian place. We go there for lunch ever couple of weeks or so and it never disappoints. (Heck, we even get to watch Indian Cricket or some strange musicals and movie remakes on their gi-normous TV).

  3. Wolfger says:

    This sucks. Thanks for the story, though.