Other events of note:

There have been many minor updates on the Craig-front:

  • My times have been confirmed for Penguicon. I'll be presenting two talks (Beginner's Baptism to the UNIX command line, and Pyweek) and participating in the Ubuntu Panel Discussion. Woo woo! (The events page isn't updated with the times yet, but they'll hopefully be up there soon).
  • I got a runner-up prize for the Lugradio "Pimp My Lugradio" contest. I'm absolutely astonished it did as well as it did. (Caution: Lugradio and my entry are NSFW without headphones. They use the naughty words).
  • Pyweek 6 registration is now open. Theme voting near the end of March. My entry? A Simple Plan. Oooooh! Mysteeeerious!
  • Participating in the Ubuntu 5-a-day program, though I need to do more participating.
  • Today is Leap day, so go on and make a leap or something. Leap all over that stupid groundhog for seeing his shadow, or leap off a tall building in a single bound. Remember, it's prudent to look before you leap, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a short saunter, a brisk walk, a two-step, the hokey pokey, and a leap.