Ohio Linuxfest 2008 – you had to be there

What an amazing weekend at Ohio Linuxfest! If you didn’t go to Ohio Linux, you missed out on not only a lot of fun, but also some incredible displays of community. If you’re still operating under the mistaken impressions of GNOME vs. KDE, Fedora vs. Ubuntu, you are sadly mistaken, my friends. Ohio Linuxfest is solely about coming together as a community and sharing experiences and ideas with each other (and boy, were the experiences and ideas flowing. Ho boy!) I caught a few talks while I was there, such as the iSCSI talk, the Linux Robotics talk, the Blender talk, a great talk about Linux Audio, and Jono Bacon’s closing keynote. I also took part in the Ubuntu BoF, and Dual Core put on a great show during the afterparty. But besides the talks, were the opportunities to meet with people I’d chatted with online, and catching up with friends I’d met before. OLF is an amazing event, and I’m looking forward to heading back there.

To the organizers of Ohio Linuxfest, I offer my sincerest thanks for putting together a great weekend! I really appreciate it!

(photos may be found here).


  1. Wolfger says:

    I breath a sigh of relief that the only pic of me is of my Ubuntu hand, and nothing from the after-party. It was a great time, though I overdid the partying a bit. Thanks for seeing me safely back to my room, though I still deny I needed it. 😉

  2. craig says:

    No worries. I got your back. :)

  3. Alan says:

    Oddly enough it looks like a very small version of Blizzcon (which was being held at the same time). No, I didn’t go to Blizzcon but I did see pictures.

    Apparently the only thing Ohio Linuxfest lacked was some nerdy women in night-elf costumes. :-) Actually, I think (even though I”ll probably get killed pointing it out) there were only 2 women AT linuxfest, and one of them was clearly giving her husband the evil eye.

  4. craig says:

    If you want some night-elf costumes, then you need to come to Penguicon in 2009. JoDee and I are planning on attending, and I’m planning a few presentations this year as well.

    And there were more than two women at the conference, but they knew to get away from my camera. :)