Microsoft Windows - "I'm a PC"

Back when Microsoft's "I'm a PC" ad aired, I came up with an idea for a parody. Like most parodies, it won't make much sense unless you see the original:

YouTube - Microsoft Windows - "I'm a PC"

Unfortunately, as with other parodies, if you don't strike while the iron is hot, the humor quickly deteriorates. My original idea was to create a video for this script and post it. I leave it in someone elses capable hands to take this to fruition if they so choose.

I'm a PC

  • I'm a PC, and I just ate your homework (Fat guy eating paper, nom nom)
  • I'm a PC, and I just lost your files (Looks under couch. Shrugs).
  • I'm a PC, and I can't connect to the Internet (Bangs two ends of an Ethernet cable together with a puzzled look on face).
  • I'm a PC, and I don't like your hardware (throws a network or video card over shoulder while eating a submarine sandwich, cross legged, on the floor).
  • I'm a PC, and I'm slow (walking in slow motion or "on the moon")).
  • I'm a PC, and I won't do what you tell me to do (PC looks off in the distance while user is screaming "PRINT! PRINT!")