1. mismatch_cnt, RAID1, and a clever fix

    This past weekend my computer showed an ominous error:

    Jan 1 04:06:16 lister mdadm[8317]: RebuildFinished event detected on md device /dev/md/0, component device mismatches found: 9856 (on raid level 1)

    Huh, that doesn't look particularly good. Mismatches between drives tend to lead to bad things …

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  2. Stupid JavaScript Tricks

    > bar = ['width', 'height']
    [ 'width', 'height' ]
    > bar
    [ 'width', 'height' ]  // Nothing up my sleeve
    > bar.indexOf['length']
    1  // Presto!

    In case you haven't guessed what's up here: JavaScript automatically surfaces a value called 'length' in all arrays. So you can get the length of bar by typing bar.length and bar['length' …

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