1. Busy Busy Bugs Redux

    Busy Busy

    Back in 2007 I participated in PyWeek 4. The results of that contest were a game that I "released" called "Busy Busy Bugs". The premise is you are a spray can of insecticide trying to keep bugs away from your plants. Every time they attack your flower it "droops" a …

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  2. Shitty controls in video games.

    I'd love to understand why there's a certain video-game fad over featuring shitty controls.

    Flappy Bird: Shitty Controls.
    QWOP: Shitty Controls.
    Octodad: Dadliest Catch: Shitty Controls.

    [caption id="attachment_3491" align="alignright" width="300"]Intellivision w/
controllers. 16 directions of freedom, none of them the one you wanted. (photo: Wikipedia)[/caption]

    Perhaps the reason …

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  3. Indie Game: The Movie

    Finally watched "Indie Game: The Movie" with JoDee. Interesting to see some of my own design struggles in some very prominent and undeniably successful developers. Also the sheer grit and determination to see something through no matter the cost financially, physically, and emotionally.

    Is it too late to ask Santa …

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