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  1. [Insert name here]

    Wed 11 November 2015 | tags: Rants

    One of the things I wish would move out of common usage is the whole "insert-name-here" mode of communication.

    Standard communication:

    Bob: Hey, how's it going?

    Alice: Good, how are you doing?

    "insert name here" communication:

    Bob: Hey Alice, how are you doing?

    Alice: Great Bob, how are you doing …

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  2. Pet Peeves to run in a shell

    One of my biggest pet peeves is any time someone tells you (the notional Internet user) to run something akin to the following:

    curl http://somesite | sh

    Few things drive me more bonkers than developers insisting on some form of the following. Worse, sometimes the program won't work at all …

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  3. Tableflip

    "Women are leaving your tech company because you don’t deserve to keep us around. […] Fuck that, we’re done. It’s not us, it’s you."


    (h/t http://programmingisterrible.com/post/116342157158)

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