Done with Lemi Shine

Apparently the rants just keep on coming. Maybe I have a lot of vitriol to get out.

Back in November 2023 I ordered some cleaning supplies from Lemi Shine. Unfortunately I never received them because somehow the package that was supposed to be delivered broke apart and the poor UPS folks had to clean up the mess. UPS decided to ship the material back to Lemi Shine. From there Lemi Shine customer service went dark. I couldn't raise anyone on their contact form, nor could I find anywhere to contact them. This went on for about a month until I decided to file a charge-back for the ~$38 so I could get new product. Apparently that got someone's attention because Lemi Shine provided documentation stating that they believed I had received my item. That's clearly not the case (the address it was eventually shipped to was in Tennessee) but now I'm out ~$38 because my credit card company decided that it was I who was mistaken and reversed their credit.

Fine. Whatever.

What irks me the most about this is that had Lemi Shine had better tracking on their packages they might have gotten ahead of this and made a positive customer experience. But they can't be arsed to back up their customer experience and now they've lost a customer. Which is unfortunate because (say it with me now) I enjoyed using their products. But now I get the pleasure of shopping around for what their competitors are offering because they didn't have better package tracking and a customer service department that gives a damn.

My only wish is that the folks at the Tennessee shipping dock that got my order had to do the same kind of clean up that UPS did.