1. Tableflip

    "Women are leaving your tech company because you don’t deserve to keep us around. […] Fuck that, we’re done. It’s not us, it’s you."


    (h/t http://programmingisterrible.com/post/116342157158)

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  2. Childhood ownership status: grim

    While looking through some Google+ posts I came across an article where Marvel apparently told some exercise place they couldn't name their exercises after comic book characters. And then I hearkened back to a realization that I realized when the Star Wars license was acquired by Disney:

    My entire childhood …

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  3. Teaching and wages: the curse of calling.

    Wed 14 January 2015 | tags: Rants

    Every time you say that teachers don't deserve the appallingly low salaries for the work they do please do the following mental exercise:

    Think about the best teacher you ever had. The one person who inspired you the most in school to be the best you can. The person who …

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