1. Have a blog? Use it

    I just noticed some behavior on Twitter that I find rather revolting.

    An author decided to post an entire blog-post's worth of material (as replies) to their Twitter stream.

    Which under normal circumstances I can appreciate and relate. I've had ideas that were started on Twitter and because a series …

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  2. Why companies want a convoluted tax system

    I can see why companies in the "tax preparation" service are reluctant to just let the government figure things out:

    • Fee for the software (because navigating the tax code is for chumps).
    • Fee for the state versions (because just filing federal is for chumps)
    • Fee for e-filing the state version …
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  3. [Insert name here]

    Wed 11 November 2015 | tags: Rants

    One of the things I wish would move out of common usage is the whole "insert-name-here" mode of communication.

    Standard communication:

    Bob: Hey, how's it going?

    Alice: Good, how are you doing?

    "insert name here" communication:

    Bob: Hey Alice, how are you doing?

    Alice: Great Bob, how are you doing …

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