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  1. New on the Discovery Channel...

    JoDee noted there are a lot of shows based on Alaska on the Discovery Channel. Apparently her dad watches a lot of The Discovery Channel and the list of Alaska-based shows is pretty strong. There's "Alaska: The Last Frontier", "Alaskan Bush People", "Edge of Alaska", and "Deadliest Catch" is off …

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  2. Things not to say to an Astronomer #1,282

    Here is yet another installment of "Things Not to Say to an Astronomer" #1,282:

    JoDee: Here's a picture of the Pelaides. Isn't that cool?

    Me: Yeah. "Hey Pelaides!" (in the style of The Beastie Boys: "Hey Ladies").

    JoDee: Jerk.

    Remember, I do the dumb things so you don't have …

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  3. Computers: Making Identity Theft Possible

    directory_nonsenseWhen your entire business model is pretty much a moot point in the digital age your best line of defense is to go the paranoia route.

    Never mind that said directory arrived in an unsealed envelope to our house, and anyone in said congregation has access to your address / phone …

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