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  1. Curious George is not a monkey

    J: "... and we learned in class that Curious George is not a monkey."

    C: "So what is he? A small human?"

    J: "No, he's not a monkey. Does he have a tail?"

    C: "No, he doesn't have a tail"

    J: "Then he's an ape"

    [Discussion on JoDee's anthropology teacher relating …

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  2. New on the Discovery Channel...

    JoDee noted there are a lot of shows based on Alaska on the Discovery Channel. Apparently her dad watches a lot of The Discovery Channel and the list of Alaska-based shows is pretty strong. There's "Alaska: The Last Frontier", "Alaskan Bush People", "Edge of Alaska", and "Deadliest Catch" is off …

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  3. Things not to say to an Astronomer #1,282

    Here is yet another installment of "Things Not to Say to an Astronomer" #1,282:

    JoDee: Here's a picture of the Pelaides. Isn't that cool?

    Me: Yeah. "Hey Pelaides!" (in the style of The Beastie Boys: "Hey Ladies").

    JoDee: Jerk.

    Remember, I do the dumb things so you don't have …

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