1. Because I can't leave anything alone...

    I've changed over from Gallery to Zenphoto for managing our pictures. Part of the reason is because Gallery, while being an all-around awesome program for managing multimedia, is way too heavy for what I need for web photo management. Zenphoto is absolutely what I've been looking for in a web …

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  2. New Theme - Redux

    I think the greatest measure of a site design is if you'll read it yourself. After struggling with the previous theme, I decided that it wasn't worth the trouble it was causing me to read it (and if I won't read it, I'm sure someone else wouldn't read it either …

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  3. New Theme

    Well, after playing with themes all night, I think I've found one that I like. Let me know what you think.

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  4. Nothing to see here... move along

    Yeah, I'm using the default Wordpress theme for now because I'm rethinking of what to put on the blog, and redoing the theme. Up until this point it seems like this whole front page is turning into a gigantic craphole. Time to cut back.

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