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OK, I'll tolerate having SPAM on my e-mail accounts (even ones that I don't publicize. I'll NEVER understand that), but I will NEVER tolerate having SPAM on my cell phone. I got a mobile phone for my birthday from JoDee, and today when I looked at it, it said I had one new message. Thinking it might have been from JoDee (who else would e-mail my phone?) I brought it up. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was from michigan@georgewbush.com, with a message "VOTE BUSH/CHENEY". What kind of CRAP is THAT? I'm a very toleraant person, but SPAMMING my phone is the LIMIT to what I'll tolerate. Worse, SPAMMING my phone with a political advertisment. That's just plain low. I honestly wish I could say that George W. Bush lost my vote with that SPAM, but unfortunately I don't think he had a firm grasp on it anyway.

To any other aspiring political SPAMMERS: Don't even think about it. You won't get my or other people's vote any sooner, and you'll piss off people in trying it.