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Happy New Year!

Wow... what a new year it's been already. A kidney stone decided it was time to jump for freedom on the 30th of December, and is working its way out. I had to go to the hospital on New Years Eve morning (4:30am). I've been drinking copious amounts of water, but that hasn't done much as far as I can tell. Maybe it has. Who knows. All I know is I've had it with this and I want it OUT!.

Other than that, Ol' St. Nick was good to me. I got Fantasia and Fantasia 2k DVDs, two Linux related polo shirts, a Linux tie, and many other things. Very cool. :)

I've also been rebuilding my system since someone decided to break into it. Honestly, I don't blame them since I was lax about security, but I've been learning more and more about security. Hopefully this won't happen again.

Whew! Lots happening these past few weeks. Hopefully this is as "interesting" as it'll get?!? :)