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JoDee and I saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon this weekend. Quite a good film. The story was well done, but it had a few moments that you really had o pay attention, otherwise the film would loose you. The fight scenes were rather incredible, and the acting was excellent. The movie is subtitled, which I fould was both a joy and a hinderance to the film. It's a joy because you get to hear the film as it was intended to be presented, not as some voice actor presents it (not to diss all voice actors. Sometimes they get it right. :) ), and it's a pain because you have to read quickly to get the gist of the scene. Amazingly, the theater we saw it in was PACKED, and that was a Sunday showing at 3:15pm. If you get the chance to see it, and don't mind a "Kung Fu" type movie, then by all means watch this movie.