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Friday was my last day at work. Kind of bittersweet, actually. Bitter, because I'll miss the people I work with. Sweet, because maybe this'll give me an opportunity to get into more development (the position I was in, while it had development, it could have used more. I want to send another big "thank you" to everyone who showd up to my luncheon, called, or wrote me during my last week there.

On a happier note, I have an interview for Monday, so that should be interesting. More information as it becomes available.

JoDee is in Cleveland this weekend with Ruth and Sarah, doing the "Drew Carey" tour (Visiting places he frequents when he is in Ohio.) She's taking advantage of the few days off she has before she's right back into school for the spring semester. There'll be a page here describing their trip. Some interesting things have already happened, and the weekend isn't over yet. :)