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Busy busy busy... what with interviewing out in Jackson Michigan, and trying to get more interviews lined up. Job hunting is fun (sarcasm) Of course my car decided to not cooperate and throw on the "Check Engine" light. I can't wait to be rid of it.

On the plus side, I've had some opportunities to work on things here... so I should have a few of these ideas rattling around in my head come to fruition on these very pages you are reading now. (Parappa voice) I gotta BELIEVE! :)

Oh, and clippy must know his days are numbered, because I managed to get some useful information out of him (How to turn those folding menus off in Word and other Office applications. I think it's a trap, though. "Sure, this is useful information. I have useful information. Please leave me on. I promise I have more useful information." Yeah, right. Dont call me, Clippy, I'll call you.