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I was feeling pretty well in the dumps on friday, so JoDee treated me to dinner and a movie. We went and saw A.I. because I've been bugging JoDee to see it. Let me be the first to say, you MUST go see this movie. It's brilliant. Yes, it takes its time to get to where it's going, and you might just scratch your head a few times while it's going, but honestly it's a very good tale. It's also nothing like the trailers which you've seen (which lead JoDee and I to think that there was some kind of "Robotron 2084" vibe to this movie.) It's also one of the few movies that choked both JoDee and I up. I mean tears falling down JoDee's face while she watched it. The camera told most of the story, so there was very little dialog. I won't spoil it for anyone who wants to go and see it, but I encourage you to at least go see it. And leave your kids home, since this is more a Kubrick-style story rather than Spielberg. You won't regret it. Expect this one to be doing some damage at the Oscars.