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JoDee and I spent today at Frankenmuth Michigan to cenebrate our anniversary. We had quite a nice time. It was pretty quiet there, so we pretty much had the whole town to ourselves. I'll be putting up photos in a bit. It's nice to get away from it wall for a while and just be with the one you love without many interruptions. :) And no, we didn't eat chicken up there (which Frankenmuth is famous for). Instead we went to the outlet mall at Birch Run and went to Schlotzky's Deli. I fell in love with the place the moment I laid eyes on the salt and vinegar potato chips (I'm a huge sucker for salt and vinegar potato chips. :) ) The sandwiches were excellent as well, and I can't wait for a Schlotzky's to open up near us. JoDee and I had a LOT of fun today, and came home exhausted.