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For anyone who might happen to read resumes and my page, I only ask you to do one thing when you receive mine or anybody elses resume via e-mail. Please PLEASE send back a little note. It can even be a form letter. Just let anyone who has taken the time to e-mail or send you a resume know you received it, and where it's going in your system. It seems fewer and fewer companies are affording this simple courtesy, and quite frankly I think it's pretty sad considering how easy it is to send an e-mail. I have all the "thank you" letters from my earlier job searches, and that's when they actually used company stationary. I have no "thank you" notes from this job search on paper, and a token few "we received your resume" letters. Speaking for everyone who is out of a job right now, please PLEASE take the time to write back.

Thank you in advance.