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Well, we moved Ruth to Belleville this past weekend. Had a rather interesting experience with Ruth's box spring mattress. The mattress wouldn't fit down the stairs (they were those rather narrow stairs that make a whole 180 degree turn). After putting it in every possible configuration, we had it stuck in the stairwell. JoDee got mad at it and kicked it. The mattress zoomed down the stairs! It was the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen. :) Moving Ruth up to her apartment was rather interesting since she's on the seconf floor. Ugh! Having to lift everything up those steep stairs was a real pain in the arse. Ruth ordered some pizza for us, and we got the LARGEST pizzas I've ever seen. They were 20 inches across. HUGE! We ordered two, thinking they would be the normal 12 inch size pizzas. The pizza made it all worthwhile. :) .